Poems From a Stranger, or Wu-Tang is For the Children (David J. Hersher)

My brother moved back to Ohio years ago

but when I touch the Christmas text 

it’s a poem from a stranger 

and not transverse the same graybar sky.

Like how he hid in the maples and poison ivy 

behind the church to smoke sticks

between hummingbird fingers

and blast 36 Chambers from a bruised boombox.

I played tennis ball homerun derby

in that same lot, batting opposite-handed 

for fear 

full speed felt might wake the Father.

We both followed the same whistle home at dusk,

but he understood that sometimes 

you protect your neck by not protecting it at all

and swinging full strength toward the glass 

that separates home

from Shaolin Land.


David J. Hersher is  a writer from Massillon, Ohio.  Find him at http://www.davidhersher.com or on Twitter @davidjhersher.


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