The Long Haul

There are some writers whose stuff I can never get enough of. I reached out and asked them if they had anything that’s typically considered a little too long for online lit journals — around 5,000 words or so — that they’d be willing to share with me.

Robert Frank in: Wonderland (Bradley Warshauer)

At noon, Josie discovers herself walking through a black and white photograph. Dark asphalt shrinks ahead of her into the horizon. Along either side of the highway, dying grasslands extend into the distance and meet stonegray clouds and are distinguishable from the sky only because the sky is up and the ground is down. You […]


Danny Nguyen was sitting in a black leather chair and looking at Dr. Stevens with sad eyes. He acknowledged him with a curt smile and a nod. But he wasn’t listening to him. Instead, he stared at the long, black hair that curled out from a zit under Dr. Steven’s lower lip. He hunched forward, […]

Are You Messing With Me? (Greg Chandler)

1. Friday at school I did nothing but read my grandpa’s journal. In class I kept the red leather-bound book in my lap, glancing down at his meticulous handwriting every chance I got. I spent swim class reading in the bleachers, having pled “intestinal problems” to my coach. After school Shoji and I ate chili […]

Around The World (AaroN Burch)

We were somewhere around Italy, almost halfway around the world, when the drinks began to kick in. I’d actually felt it right away, the brain freeze and beginnings of drunkenness hitting together as soon as we’d started drinking frozen margaritas in Mexico. Because it was hot as shit—might set a record, the weatherman had said […]