Rejection Letters


it’s not us, it’s you. 

If you’ve been writing for any amount of time then you’ve probably received your fair share of rejection letters. And we get it. It’s easy to feel discouraged and disheartened. But that’s part of this whole thing, right?

We’ve decided to take something that often has a negative connotation and turn it into something else, something fun. Maybe it’ll be therapeutic. Maybe it’ll be a good writing exercise. Maybe we’re just drunk and this is all a terrible idea and we’ll crash and burn.

So, here’s the deal. Pick something, anything. Write a rejection letter to it. Follow some formats you’ve seen, or do something new. It’s your party. Here are a few things that we’d love to read rejection letters to:

-Metallica post-Black Album
-Nicolas Cage’s Superman
-Hawaiin pizza
-season 2 of True Detective
-any time James Franco tries to make a movie based on a book he read

Those are just a few ideas. But pick whatever you want. However, we won’t accept any letters to other literary journals/magazines and/or their editors. Don’t be that guy.

You want to write a rejection letter to a fictional person/place/thing? Awesome. Do it.
Get creative.

Oh! And we LOVE rejection letters offering feedback. Just saying.


We’re also open to flash fiction, poetry, and CNF.



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