Days of My youth

“Teenage years are like drinking witches brew in the devil’s workshop” – author unknown. 

This special RL series is brought to you by Jaya Wagle

Editor, Nonfiction

Jaya Wagle is a former Indian expat and current American citizen. She graduated with an MA in Creative Non-fiction from University of North Texas where she is now an adjunct professor of World Literature and Technical Writing. Her work has been published in or is forthcoming in Barrell HouseHobartJellyfish ReviewLittle Fiction, Big Truths, and elsewhere. She lives in Texas with her husband and 14-year old son. Find her on Twitterand Instagram.

first by Kimberly Wolf

So Your Dad’s Having a Mid-Life Crisis by Jasmine Sawers

coitus detritus by Jody Rae

Games Children Play by A. A. Balaskovits

School Bus Yellow by Rebecca Ackermann

Who Died? by Luke Larkin

Follow Through by Erin Schallmoser

Hiding Scars by Matt McGuirk

What’s Broken Can’t Be Fixed by Nandini Maharaj

the pool party by Celeste Chen

I’m Harry Houdini, Mother Fucker! by L. Soviero

counting youth by savsibole