when you encounter the devil (Sofia Fey)

after Aimee Nezhukamatathil

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust, First Part

when you encounter the devil,
when you survive it;
you have to let it die

somewhere in you it will rot
things may grow
wrong things may grow,
too, if you water them

things will eat their way out
of you things that crawl
out of your mouth and head first
to your truest love

when you encounter the devil;
pull the death card, peer into
its flowers they too come
from the decompose

they decompose you, they feed
they lurch, they petal your cheek
they carve or caress;
it’s up to you

when you encounter the devil,
it’s up to you;


Sofia Fey is a Queer and Non-Binary writer living in LA. Currently, they are a reader for Stone of Madness Press and pursuing their Creative Writing MFA at Antioch University. Primarily they are a poet, theatre maker, and filmmaker. Their poems have appeared in Hooligan Magazine, Sobotka Magazine, Kissing Dynamite, Hominum Journal, and others. They are hoping to write for TV and publish a chapbook of their poetry. 


image: Lindsay Hargrave