Bird Brain (Connor vern sain)

A bird fell & hit me on the head. Due to a accident I don’t have a top of my skull. So’s I keep a throw pillow tied up there. Haha. Before when I didn’t have the pillow some shitters moved in down the block & when I went to the corner store for my little canned sausages & a coca cola they’d call me Mongo load brain-fuck & start slapping the soft patch of my head where my brain was. 

I’d start shaking & seeing crazy. It would hurt & sometimes I’d wake up in the backroom with the extra racks of chips & stuff. I’d be sad but there were a lot of the little sausage cans back there & jim the cashier didn’t mind if I ate a couple while I had a headache. One time they didn’t hit me but showed me a phone & on it was me and them slapping my head & me shaking & them spitting on me & then jim shoving his wallet in my mouth & one of the kids said i thought you used your dick to do that & then he unzipped his pants but he only peed on me a lot & on jim a little bit. I didn’t like seeing what happened when my head stopped working. But one day the kids grew up & with the pillow now I’m ok.

So but the bird up on my head – I didn’t know what it was that hit me so I reached up there & when I pulled my hand back down it was a bird that was in it. The little brother was twitching around & looking crazy. I pet the top of his head & it was soft. I walked back to my house & took him inside. Little brother needed a pillow too.

 He was just like me fr.


Connor vern sain works in the back of your least favorite pharmacy. He quit once,spent his last dollars on beer and weed in his garage with Jerry for a month. His landlord kicked him out. Then he went back to work. He knows the score.


image: MM Kaufman