Teamwork (Travis Flatt)


I cc’d Sam, Levi, Eli, and everybody on this. Have you got a story called “Goats and Bicycles” by Lee Flatt yet? If not, you will. Matt’s gone full P.I., and the guy’s got at least 5,000 submissions out right now–no joke. 

He teaches ELA in Atlanta. If you want to join us, we’re carpooling down there on Thursday to drag him out of his first period class. The principal said we could take SRO officers and throw him into “In School Suspension.” Hillary found a sub for him, a guy in Nashville with like 50 pushcarts. Nice, right? 

We talked to some students, and they’re going to Tik Tok it. Apparently, the guy reads his stories to them. They’ve made this super cringy Instagram page of him reading (linked). Be warned, though, it’s rough. 




Travis Flatt is a teacher living in the dead center of Tennessee. He earned is English lit B.A. at UT Knoxville and an acting MFA from SCAD Savannah. In 2008, an adult onset epilepsy diagnosis shifted his focus from regional to community theater. This eventually led to writing. At home, he’s got a wife and a kid and a mother-in-law and a dog. 


image: Claire Cantrell Wood, Fine Goat Aficionado