Generic Heathen (Daniel Jaeger)

I met this girl

Or woman, whatever. I met her the other day. Eyes like an abandoned mall. Lovely as a ghost in a sheet. I think she floats. A teardrop from heaven waiting in line at Walmart. I asked her out on a date.

My Biggest Addiction is Acceptance

So put me in your pouch, kangaroo mama

Carry me around, shove me in, show me off

My entire interpretation of my own self-worth

Depends on whether you reject me or not

Your opinion is my reflected image

Am I about to be happy or in the dumps?

Cut to the chasing love and let me know

kangaroo mama

She Said


In need of something to love

I go to the pet shop. I want a Chornobyl dog because they’re genetically distinct from all other dogs. A mutant dog. 

They don’t have any. 

I’m drawn to neon purple and blue lights in the aquarium corner. Lizards. I meet eyes with an iguana licking its left eyeball.

I bought it, named her Chauncy. 


Daniel Jaeger lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He has a BSc in Cybersecurity and is an ethical hacker for a living. A poet and artist at heart, he doesn’t want to live fighting for literary appreciation, but he wants literary appreciation. He doesn’t care if everyone likes his work, but he wants you to like his work. 


image: Jade Hawk is a meat popsicle.