the bugs in the park love my feet and they told me so on my birthday (almost a year ago, wtf) (Emily Liu)

midnight i turn twenty three boohoo

clutch the thick champagne neck throw it down 

college party like

but it’s just me in my sad square room

how sad let’s go outside into the drizzle somehow 

that feels less sad buzzing definitely

now somehow

down the elevator stepping silly into the park 

stone slump officer asks are you okay

swig another of course i am alright then have

a good night yes you too goodbye

sigh. how did i drink that so quickly and

why am i sobbing again sigh. sigh. sigh

why i can’t have nice things if my teacher knew 

where her gift was headed into my dumb head 

glad i wore my most comfortable black joggers 

out, right because i left in my pajamas oops

feels like a friday and i want to eat

cake but that would be highly irresponsible 

wouldn’t it? be better to trail home instead

but reluctant unsure why somehow

door, bed, flat, sigh. don’t know it yet but

in the cakeless slow frenzy of the party 

accumulated a ring of bites that pus

me into the clinic next morning. happy

anklet birthday, everlasting love and

rain and bugs and champagne, happy

birthday happy birthday to me!


Favorite Drink: first beer that catches my eye; likely a stout or porter


Emily Liu spends lots of time dissociating, writing long sentences, scrolling down Wikipedia pages, and wishing she were a better driver. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in Gone LawnPoetry Lab Shanghai, and Red Ogre Review


image: Ashley Beresch. Check out more of her work on Instagram @ashleyberesch