What girls do at sleepovers (Sára Bányai)

I find it beautiful to read classic novels,

to feel the indescribable lyrical satisfaction,
style so good you almost
wet your panties

philosophy, so smart!
think about the essence of being human 

until the male narrator starts fantasising 

of an underaged girl,

beautiful passages written of how this
plain jumper she wears 

the shape of her breasts. 

Oh, come on man.

But I let it slide, irritated I try
to jump back into the 
rainbow petals of imagination
reading through life-changing paragraphs
cleverly criticising human overconsumption
with nostalgia, 




oh yes it hits that sweet spot!




Just on the next page the two straight female characters, good friends,
(one with the big nice boobs, the other with the small nice boobs)

turn lesbian, but not because they love each other –
This is just what women do in great novels.

And in porn.


Sára Bányai is a Lancaster University graduate in Theatre and Creative Writing. A small-packaged Hungarian, residing outside of mother country, training in performing arts and writing flash fiction that makes her laugh. Sometimes others laugh too. Her works have appeared in Mono Fiction, Pulp Poets Press and Hungarian journals. 


image: MM Kaufman