These Are The Good Times (T.L. States)

Yesterday, my ex-wife and I met at H&R Block to do our taxes. Since our divorce wasn’t final until January, we had no choice but to file jointly. Our tax preparer was nice. She reminded me of my former mother-in-law. Not my ex-wife’s mother, but my first ex-wife’s mother. Very chatty, but nice.

When our tax preparer finished, and we affixed our digital signatures to our final tax return, my ex-wife raised her hand and looked at me. She wanted a high five. I wondered what we were celebrating. Not owing the government any money? The refund we would get in 3-4 weeks? The fact that our tax preparer finally stopped talking, and went to get our copies of the tax return, so we could leave? Not having to ever share our finances with each other? I thought about those things in about half a second, I looked her in the eye, and I gave her a high five. Why? Because you just don’t leave someone hanging.


T.L. States lives in Tucson with his kids, and his writing can be found at HAD, Back Patio, and Maudlin House. He can be found on Twitter as @epmornsesh.


image: MM Kaufman