Thank You For Your Interest (Alla Hoffman)

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in filling the position of Baby. We received infinitudes of submissions, and unfortunately only have a limited number of roles to fill. Due to economic headwinds, we have decided to alter the job description for this particular opening to Fur Baby, and will be promoting an internal candidate to the new role.

We realize that this may be disappointing after our lengthy interview process and multiple rounds of IVF. We will keep your materials on file for reference when and if a position for which you are qualified reopens. Rest assured that we are also disappointed. We wish you well in your efforts to have future endeavors.

Best regards,

The Kaufmans


Alla Hoffman loves the strange, the intimate, and the mildly unnerving. They live in Washington DC with 2 cats and a person, all very lovable and mischievous. They’ve had other stories published in places such as Coffin Bell, 365 Tomorrows, and The Kunlun Journal of Historical Fiction. 


image: MM Kaufman