out-of-order (Scout Faller)

we did it ass backwards and we backed it up it’s not

the unsung deep cut from the b-side

of the forty-five it is literally fatboy 

slim’s praise you satisfying like

a lipstick revenge villainess or nasty things happening in 

the dive bar bathroom with its one fruity

seat we like the easily anticipated turn a hot

poet writing about how they’re desirable licking

 A1 sauce off the top so consistent 

matchy-matchy two piece skirt set with our subjectivity

blow the back out to give the guts a better

look-see or just flip its pliable edges

around like a contact lens you left too

long outside its protective solution


Scout Faller has poetry in best buds! collective, pompom press, and day job journal and poems forthcoming in voidspace and lean and loafe. They are working through concepts like “being upfront with the stupidity” and “sapphic joy.” They like their writing to have frenetic energy and high BPM, a beat that bangs on after last call. You can find them on twitter @_husbandlesbian, on instagram at @_theminem__. 


image: Jade Hawk is a meat popsicle.