2 Poems (Susana Rodriguez)

why you think they call me pussy

i forced my boyfriend to work two jobs to support the both of us 

because i’m too pussy to be a woman and support myself

but my pussy validates me enough and that’s why

i’ve spent the past three years sitting on my ass

hoping it gets fatter so it jiggles when i take 

back shots from men who will pay my rent 

when it’s due but now that i’m in a committed 

relationship all that must come to an end

i evict the semen from my womb with a plan b 

and my landlord kicks me out her fucking house

Daily Routine

i read in bed with the lights off 

then rise at midnight for a snack– 

a frozen pizza burnt on the edges

but raw and soggy in the middle 

sort of like familiar things.

people tell me i’m not living right 

as if my life is theirs to judge.

what if i told you

i don’t enjoy breathing

a fucking twentieth of what i used to?

mundane activities make the day 


performing tasks such as laundry 

and blow jobs


why did more grown men

find me desirable when i was underage 

than they do now?

i ponder this while i wait at the bus stop, 

praying for a short but prosperous life.


Susana Rodriguez is a writer from Chino, California. She is currently unemployed and depressed. 


image: MM Kaufman