Gay Buffet: Los Angeles (Cass Lintz)

I have eaten the blood of dawn / when the good got the better / side of girl;

walked the yellow-tongued lamppost / forest / three a.m. / scuffed concrete up 

with all my lonelies;

have tried to fill (my) existential holes with / tongue / twothree fingers width / with wit / with her / with / hot lips numb with hunt / & blacksky drool drops twinkling / above / undone our hightops lolling starboard / witness to the wetting / with five-star ashtray aspirations;

this city is a sexy pantry / wrought with empty pangs / dirty denim knobs / waist sized halos / hip bone turns / canyon crevice gorging / all corkscrew and tin;

it is thighs all the way down to dusk.


Cass Lintz earned her BA from Mills College in Oakland, California. Currently, she’s an MFA candidate in poetry at the UNC Wilmington where she serves as poetry editor for Ecotone Magazine. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Rough Cut Press, Raleigh Review, and The Walrus Literary Journal. 


image: MM Kaufman