You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! (Megan Williams)

M 62 USA wants to trade Snapchats. M 42 USA asks what I’m wearing so he can tell me how best to remove it. M 29 USA wonders if I had an orgasm when I was raped. M 23 USA demands I cut all that long pretty hair off, just slink into the kitchen, moonlight glinting off the scissors. M 38 USA prefers virgins. M 42 USA types Looking to talk to a girl who was abused at a young age and realizes now that she deserved it. M 16 USA lurks in the Depression tag. He gets hard when girls cut themselves. He urges me to try it–You feel like shit anyway, right? M 50 USA pays for feet pics. M 28 USA feels guilty asking girls to help him cum. He still asks. M 64 USA misses the good ol’ days, when a little grab-ass was fair play. M 75 USA waxes poetic about loneliness, how talking to little girls alleviates it. M 48 USA came so hard thinking about my ruined fucking cunt when I tell him I was raped. 

F 15 USA says hi. F 15 USA tells the truth about her DDD cups. F 15 USA lies about her weight. F 15 USA skips football games to sit in front of this screen. F 15 USA wants a virtual hand pressing her virtual face to the floor. F 15 USA dreams of dying the way her friends dream of homecoming. F 15 USA pretends to cut her hair. F 15 USA pretends to cum. F 15 USA pretends that rape is not-a-big-deal. F 15 USA slathers on lip gloss even though she’s invisible, just a blinking cursor. F 15 USA loves this. F 15 USA needs this. F 15 USA wishes, just once, that a random stranger would ask her name.


Megan Williams is an MFA candidate at West Virginia University. Most recently, her work appears in HAD and mutiny! You can Tweet her @megannn_lynne. 


image:  MM Kaufman