Every Breath You Take (Catherine spino)

I want to be your skin, climb inside you and hold you up like your bones, make you tick make you work

Like your organs, what I would give to be your large intestine, what I would give to hold your shit, I want to nestle into your ribcage and

Look out at the world through your rose colored skin, everything tinted a fleshy pink.

Beacon of hope, that is what you are, and I want to be baptized in your divine piss I bet

Even your piss is that of King Midas’ dreams- only then will I be worth something, only then will I be clean.

Withering hearts don’t come across a love like this every day, so I hunt for it

An archer with a bow poised, the arrow stolen from cupid, a devious

Task, a necessary plunder to make for you like

Calling your cell phone (an iPhone 10 with a shattered screen in the upper left hand corner) every sunrise, the exact hour changing daily as the world shifts into further darkness

Hell feels bearable if it gives me a table for one, a pair of binoculars, and room to slip my hand down my pants.

I’d watch you forever, eyelids peeled back like that scene in A Clockwork Orange, my kink is

Never looking away, even when you’re doing something naughty (throwing away your Oatly milk carton instead of recycling).

Global warming be damned, you only live once.

Yes you, the person whose name my pillow case has memorized and for which the button held securely between my legs exists (please press it).

Only a matter of time until you’re mine- I’m saving up all my allowance like a good girl to finally hold you close to me, my forever American Girl Doll.

Until our flesh blends, merges, into one so our body can finally utter one glorious moan.


Catherine Spino a. once put “Every Breath You Take” by The Police on repeat for approximately 1 month after she was dumped via text at 9:19am on a Tuesday (I mean really, who does that to a person) b. is questioning a LOT about herself but also is getting a lot of answers in the process so it’s all evening out c. is a sea witch who roamed out of the Massachusetts coastline looking for clam chowder and lodging for winter or d. all of the above. Her work appears in Hobart After Dark, she tweets at @1virginmartini and doom scrolls Instagram as @spaghetti____western (that’s 4 underscores).


image: MM Kaufman