Even Stevens (Aaron David Gutierrez)

Shia LeBeouf came into

my bookstore one afternoon.

He purchased a cheap version

of a Nietzsche book.

It was probably only 

like $6 or something.

He pulled a folded $20

out of his side pocket

placed it on the counter

then bailed immediately.

Didn’t even take his change.

We all had a laugh about it.

“I guess that was nihilism?”

That night he was arrested 

at the Walgreens a block away.

2:25 in the morning

in the middle of some 

fucked up episode.

The mugshot posted 

in all of the newspapers  

and on every morning show,

a former child actor in trouble.

“What happened to that cute 

little curly haired boy” they’ll ask, 

wincing at a hollowed out man

with the saddest eyes.


Aaron David Gutierrez graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Creative Writing a very long time ago. His writing has appeared in Punk Noir Magazine and Nauseated Drive. A chapbook collection will probably come out at some point. 


image: MM Kaufman