Petals (Kerri Seyfert)

There are two scenarios

in which I question my age

the first is when

I get shampoo in my eyes

the second is when

I think of you

My mind always wanders to you

your name, suddenly

in my notebook

surrounded by flowers and hearts

just so I can remember

the look of those

twelve letters

next to my own

I write it three times

cross my fingers

and make a wish

that you’ll appear in my bedroom

to see me absentminded at my desk

(You always were

my best distraction,

how fitting.)

I wonder why I’m like this,

twenty years old and 

putting too much stake

in flower petals

He loves me.

My heart pounds as

my fingers make their way around

the flower, pulling delicate white petals

as if love is an excuse

for destroying something beautiful

He loves me not.

My hope gets crushed

by the weight

of dainty petals,

I wonder what that says

about my hope

He loves me.

I thank God

for odd numbers


Kerri Seyfert is twenty-two and still learning what to put in her bio. Her work can be found in HADPink Plastic House, and The Catalyst. She is on Twitter @kerriseyfert.


image: “Fairyland:” Andrea Damic lives in Sydney, Australia.  Words in @50wordstories@FridayFlashFict@paragraphplanet@100WordsFTW and Microfiction Monday Magazine.Photographs in @rejectionlit@FusionArtPS and several others pending print publication in @DoorIsAJarMag. Follow Andrea on TW @DamicAndrea. One day she hopes to finish and publish her novel.