Dear individual (Zahra Sani-Musa)

Dear individual,

Unfortunately, you can no longer identify as Gen-z. Your tiktok account has zero followers, following and ZERO DRAFTS! You don’t know the D’amelio family and you can only identify Addison Rae from the one time you watched ‘She’s all that’ at a sleepover. You STILL use the dog filter on snapchat – major cringe – and you’ve been asking what a simp is for two years. 

You don’t get involved in drama whatsoever and don’t do stupid things for internet fame. You don’t blame your character flaws on the astrology time period of your birth and you don’t dress all funny. You can actually SURVIVE without your phone (which should be illegal or something).

Based on all this and the fact that you’re not totally in love with Harry Styles respectfully, you’re done. I’m sure you don’t even get it. We hereby withdraw your license and if you publicly identify as Gen-z henceforth you would be cancelled.

Shluv you!

Gen-z council


Zahra Sani-Musa is an upcoming African poet. She hails from northern Nigeria and has written several stellar poems in about a decade. She continues to use her poetry to tell her story and pave the path for upcoming minority poets. With a contemporary writing style, she challenges the boundaries of conventional poetry. 


image: MM Kaufman