Lost and found (Edward Anki)

Getting lost driving along  

narrow cobblestone roads

in Portugal we arrive at a dead-end

what looks like a dead-end

what isn’t a dead-end

rather a small cement lot

harboring a small supermarket

where the proprietor directs me to cold beer

before I ask about Port

oh yes he smiles 

plenty of Port!

Real pride there I like this guy we both

like this guy my girlfriend and I perusing

the selections real dust lining those shelves. 


Favorite Drink: Grand Marnier (served neat, with a hoppy IPA on the side.)


Edward Anki‘s poetry has appeared in Cacti Fur, The Feathertale Review, (parenthetical), Qwerty, The Chaffin Journal, and others. A chapbook of his poetry, Remote Life, was published by BareBackPress (2014). His first full-length poetry collection, Screw Factory, was released in 2022 by Anxiety Press. A former stand-up comic, bartender, and agonized telemarketer, Edward is currently engaged in part-time studies to become a psychotherapist. 


image: MM Kaufman