The Raccoon (Shaemus Spencer)

When I was 16 I hit an animal with my car.

It was a Kia Sephia. They don’t make them anymore.

The car, not the thing I hit, which was a raccoon.

Still make those.

It was late, and I was coming home from a closing shift.

I worked at a Hot Topic at the Great Northern Mall.

We had to reorganize all the shelves that night.

Which is why I was 16 and driving myself home at eleven pm.

Never a good idea. 

There weren’t any streetlights which is probably why 

I didn’t see the racoon until it was too late.

All of these things are just excuses. Doesn’t make it any better that

I didn’t stop to see if the thing was dead or just banged up. 

But it was probably dead because I was doing almost sixty.

It’s the only animal I’ve ever killed 

other than a few spiders when I was young, before I knew any better.

I just thought maybe you should know that about me.


Shaemus Spencer is a trans/queer writer and animator. They live in Thomas, West Virginia. 


image: MM Kaufman