Worked (Rob Yates)

I realize that Frost
is fine and that one
shouldn’t be a Kant,
but I prefer Carmelita
to getting blood on the tracks.

A cigarette and a love poem is cliche, but half an Ambien and a bottle of whiskey washed down with year-old hash
oil from a bong will write three chapters for you.

A great poet shoved her head in an oven.

I just don’t want to listen to the gas.


Favorite Drink:

Sazerac, heavy Absinthe. 1 oz Rye Whiskey 1/2 oz Gum Syrup or Sugar Cube 1 oz Absinthe of choice Several drops of Peychaud’s Bitters Lemon Peel For the love of god no lemon juice. No ice. 


Rob Yates is a former journalist and musician from Colorado, Ohio, and Kansas currently finishing an M.F.A. in poetry. He is currently finalizing his first book of poetry titled, “Son of God,” reflecting on growing up in a pastor’s home and then heading right into the world of art, college, and bars for an extended education thereafter. He currently resides in downtown Wichita, Kansas and has an amazing partner, two daughters, and a talking husky named Yoshi. 

image: Gabriela Denise Frank is a transdisciplinary storyteller, editor, and educator living in the Pacific Northwest. Her writing has appeared in True Story, Tahoma Literary Review, HAD, Hunger Mountain, Bayou, Baltimore Review, The Normal School, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. The author of “Pity She Didn’t Stay ‘Til the End” (Bottlecap Press), she serves as creative nonfiction editor of Crab Creek Review.