Tarot Card (Priya Ele)

I told you once when I was locked in a 

nightmare that when you touched me

you beheaded me We were in a hotel room 

and the hotel bar still stained against the 

ceramic of your teeth when I pressed my 

head against your chest I could still

hear its symphony 

I had on a necklace with a tarot card

charm and it tangled against my throat

Maybe because of your fingers maybe

because of your breath maybe because

of my nightmares

I wished I had told you that I loved you but it was 

too early the sun hadn’t even slipped

through the blinds yet your skin hadn’t

even bruised mine yet

and my throat was mangled with gold

and my head was cradled on a guillotine

and I loved you and I didn’t know any of that yet


Priya Ele is a New York based writer. She studies dramatic writing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She’s had multiple works of short fiction and poetry published and a play produced. You can find her on twitter @priyaeler


image: MM Kaufman