Drunk after Psych Ward 1 and Hopefully Last (Santiago Aguado)

I would like to have my woman here with me.

To hold her.

To feel the stubble on her legs.

To bury my head in her torso—


To tell her things about myself

Like who I am, and where I’ve been

And how that makes me well

Who I am,

But the truth is I am an old, old fool,

With nothing to do but drink, and smoke,

Maybe write some verses to relax and unwind.

Some fucking hair to bother me at night!

I miss my woman,

And even though she isn’t mine possibly,

I miss her.


Favorite Drink:

My favorite drink is Bud Light. I buy the small cans individually at the deli down the street for a Buck a Pop and always get Newport Shorts as well. I drink mad Bud Light, and I’ve drank it here and in Texas at this place called Alabama’s that was real roadhouse horrorshow you know I was drunk the entire time but one time the barmaid’s SO, she was a tall, blonde lady, real Western Expansion Manifest Destiny shit, was there, and he was sitting at the corner of the bar, thick af with hair slicked back and wearing yellow sunglasses and i was with my buddy from the kitchen and thank God cus I woulda stared.


Santiago Aguado is a Venezuelan-American writer living in Brooklyn, New York. Likes soccer and lit.


image: MM Kaufman