(Partially) Found Poem: Discarded daily Reflections (Matthew Bullen)

Black leather bound, most pages untouched, 

accidentally found inside the discarded box 

of a new and expensive television – 

daily reflections falter over lines

as dominos of rue and requirement:

I have had too many tropical spritzers

and am now in a mood.

I consider how to cultivate moods

that can only be ameliorated 

by tropical spritzers.

Gratitude will send us to live our best lives.

I suddenly feel lacking in gratitude

for the figs on the kitchen counter

and the bitter beer chilling in the fridge.

Fake eyelashes are mohawks for your eyes.

Yes, that’s true, if eyes could steal the Devil’s beauty

to launch needles and javelins.

I need to go to Ralphs for more eggs.

Thinking about it, so do I.




     2 oz Aperol liqueur

     1 oz passion fruit juice

     1/2 oz Calamansi lime juice

     1 oz Pellegrino sparkling water

     3 oz sparkling rosé wine


Adapted from Tropical Rosé Aperol Spritz Cocktail, Pineapple & Coconut


Trained as an anthropologist and as web developer, Matthew Bullen is a recent honors graduate of Lancaster University’s Creative Writing Masters program (England). Matt is the founder and head editor of Red Ogre Review, an online journal of contemporary poetry and occasionally photography and visual art. He has previously published poetry with Arsenic Lobster and glassworks and creative nonfiction with National Geographic. He lives in Santa Monica, California where, aside from writing, he works for a well-known movie and television studio. 


image: MM Kaufman