Getting Ghosted After an Okay FaceTime Date (Jeremiah Moriarty)

I thought it went fine! I drank

water out of a horse mug and had

wet hair. It’s embarrassing how much time I 

spend throwing myself at men online 

only to come across as casual, un-

patterned, but it’s been a long day with ourselves

and all this ache, all this cost, I’m trying to be

kinder to myself. Somehow J.K. Rowling came up. 

I said I loved the Potter books but was really fine

with moving on now. He agreed, adding,

“But some of those movies were 



Jeremiah Moriarty is a writer from Minnesota. His work has previously appeared in The Rumpus, Prelude, Hobart, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Wigleaf, and elsewhere. He tweets @miahmoriarty.


image: Christine Naprava is a writer from South Jersey with a soft spot for photography. You can find her on Twitter @CNaprava and Instagram @cnaprava.