hungover on a thursday morning (Makenna Dykstra)

french fry po’ boys the morning after i sat

on the cusp of falling off a third story balcony

looking down on a man peeing on the neighbor’s side wall

on facetime my dad tells me that kelly

 –– his back neighbor –– is heading out again

and he’s so glad i’m an extrovert now remembering the nights

i couldn’t stomach another zero-sum game of fallen leaves

in march and flooding riverbeds in may

two days after hooking up with my ex

he tells me that he’d fuck anything that walked

and we both looked down at my crutches and laughed

a sweet bitter laugh for our past

selves and closure that tastes like lime jello shots

i asked if he knew what a dancing tree looked like

and he said no but i’ve seen hundreds of fallen trees

and i think it says something that neither of us

looked up at the oak above us shedding leaves like tears

these days i watch my sunsets over a cemetery

the world paints us a masterpiece in the midst of it all

death falling over itself to curate something more beautiful


Favorite drink: Moscow Mule.

Makenna Dykstra (she/her) is currently an M.A. student of English Literature at Tulane University in New Orleans where she is probably stressed and sleep-deprived, but also very grateful because the ice cream and sunsets here are spectacular.


image: MM Kaufman