The Absinthe (Alex Gurtis)

The Absinthe 

unlocked the door,

slipping her long legs 

into the closed coffee shop. 

Three o’clock and five o’clock look 

awfully similar on a Saturday 

during quarantine. Money is not a metaphor 

for emotional stability. I kept my job

by mopping sanity off the floor. She is my green toast

to the only time I’ve walked 

home from a coffee shop drunk, 

imbibed with a year in ruin.


Favorite drink: Coffee Martini 

Add coffee, Kahlua and Irish cream together and enjoy a night cracking open that dusty book you bought six months ago and have yet to read. 

Maryland born but Florida bred, Alex Gurtis is a poet and journalist based in Orlando. His work has appeared in W&S Quarterly, EcoTheo Review, Rejection Letters, and others. Alex is a MFA candidate at the University of Central Florida and currently serves as the reviews editor for HASH. 


image: Jade Hawk