don’t not ever do nothing for no one ever no matter who or what when you don’t have to not never do it (Barracuda Guarisco)

ridicule the discourse machine

at your own risk

i don’t know about you

but if i had my druthers 

instead of all these stutters

i’d be more inclined to concern myself with

bela lugosi’s head


& call it a candid curiosity 

It’s not hurting anyone but laughter

much like my attempt to bond with you

why can’t i tape over my memory lane

with endless episodes of you

& i sharing music;

bites of charcuterie mellow, brie made from 

an exemplary milk;

the frozen grapes come out at sunrise

quilling nausea with new hope formations

spooning the futon in couch formation

loaded on captivity and you—

it is always sunny when i compare you (, and you, 

and you) to the waitress

even though you don’t know 

you’re the waitress

even though you don’t know 

i’m charlie

i mean, i’m obviously 


you simply don’t know 

who you (,and you, 

and you) are to me 

we don’t need to make a big deal out of this

we can let the big deal take the bait and pass 

the savings onto us all on its own


Barracuda didn’t give D.T. a bio, so D.T. is writing it for him. It goes like this: Barracuda Guarisco is a handsome man with handsome writing and a handsome soul. He runs Really Serious Literature and writes and loves and laughs and lives and is in a group chat with D.T., Tex Gresham, and KKUURRTT. He is adored deeply by all of those dudes. You should adore him, too. Bye-bye. 


image: MM Kaufman