proof (Bel Wolf)

this book is dense, so flip to the good part 

where the author approaches a telescope 

mounted on a hill, stands impossibly straight 

as the body turns earthward to meet her hand 

and she whispers into the lens, inaudible,

reasons with a world-spanning eye

who has that kind of chutzpah? not me

i could pin my annotations

to the college campus maple trees, maybe 

fight some battles with database keywords 

and an inborn ability to bluff—

sorry, mom, i take that back,

a learned ability to bluff

the women i knew did not expect

to be handed the tablets, or craft them 

from some circuitboards and a 4.0

it’s not that we were castrated

of some divine right to presume to know

but we stared up at the weather system diagrams 

while the spring blizzard shook the panes

and prayed in the snow to be delivered

from the labyrinth of reference

that formed our stubborn faith


Bel Wolf is an undergraduate who tweets at @stealsutrotower and, honestly, wants to be John Darnielle so bad.


image: “Holiday-Ay-Ay:” M. Roanoke is a queer folk artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. They are on Twitter @Roanokeoke