Art (Glenn Ingersoll)

I was going to say No

but I said Art!

I don’t know why.

It was in answer to a yes-or-no question.

Did we pay our taxes on time last year?

or, Are we out of lightbulbs?


Do you like peas?

It depends on the Art.

Do you feel better today?

I feel Art.

This is the sort of answer that requires further explanation.

I don’t have one.


Maybe it’s a word without specific meaning.

A dog’s bark.

What it means depends on context, accent, mood, emphasis,

presence or absence of wag.

Do you have a dollar I could borrow?

Are you going to vote in the election?

Do you like mysteries?

Can you speak another language?



Art! Art!

Art! Art! Art! Art! Art!


Glenn Ingersoll works for the public library in Berkeley, California. His reading & interview series, Clearly Meant, is currently on covid hiatus. The epic prose poem, Thousand (Mel C Thompson Publishing) is available from, and as an e-book from Smashwords. He keeps two blogs, LoveSettlement and Dare I Read. Other writings have recently turned up in ubu, Mercurius, and Unlikely Stories.  


image: MM Kaufman