Indelible (Melody Greenfield)

“I want to worship your body,”

he says now—

nearly seven years later—

and you’re whooshed back in time

to the night that you met.

When, with its creases and folds 

and intricate design 

like a fingerprint,

your vagina was first deemed


She—the most secret part of you—

left an indelible mark,

and you left one too:

on his car window

in the shape of a heart.

Because, even then,

he already held

(and still holds)

a piece of yours. 


Melody Greenfield, who writes CNF and poetry, has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. She has been published—both under this name and another—in BrevityThe Los Angeles Review; the Los Angeles Review of BooksThe Manifest-Station; the Jewish Literary Journal; Moment Mag; Sledgehammer LitKelp Journal; and elsewhere. Melody lives in LA with her Canadian husband (an elementary school teacher), and—when she’s not reading, writing, or singing—she teaches and practices Pilates. Melody can be found on the socials at:
 or @melody.greenfield_writer on IG. 

* A different version of this poem by another title originally appeared in The Erozine (June ’21).


image: MM Kaufman