So Good, I Have to Write It Down (Keko Prijatelj)

Suddenly I’m in a good mood

Why what happened

It’s dawn

My darling wakes up and says she dreamt of an earthquake

And that I’m scaring her

I’m happy

What was it

I was reading, but nothing good

I was listening to music, and the songs were great

But I’ve heard them all before

And no new thoughts, no ideas to electrify

The usual back pain and an average masturbation

Yet I’m here, happy and awake

I lie on the bed

My thoughts assuming a nearing tragedy

My chest clear

My feet peaceful


Keko Prijatelj is a writer from Croatia. His work has been published in Abridged, Cephalopress, Expat Press, jmww, Maudlin House, Misery Tourism, and elsewhere. Keko is currently majoring in linguistics and phonetics, and he has a bachelor’s degree in film & TV directing.


image: MM Kaufman