All Apologies (Matt Schultz)

The last time we broke the rules was in 1993.

It was a Tuesday in September and 

In Utero had just hit the shelves. So,

instead of pulling into the high school 

parking lot, I double-clutched and shifted 

into fourth gear, pushing the pedal 

into the floor as soon as the red hood 

of my Chevy Baretta broke the plane

of the School Zone and we headed south

toward the record store.

I remember driving around the rest

of the morning just listening to that

album on repeat as if there were no 

school or expectations or consequences

or future. We were lost and it was perfect

to be fugitives on the run from the laws 

of prognostication. Maybe this is happiness, 

driving around this Texas town looking 

for another place to fuck. 

The trunk is filled with Plan B. 

And, baby, if that don’t work, 

in a few months we can drive to Mexico 

on half-a-tank of gas because God 

hasn’t released an album in a couple thousand years. 

And anyway, we’ve already experienced Nirvana.


Matt Schultz wanted to be a musician. So it goes. 


image: Kelsey Zimmerman is a writer and artist from Michigan currently living in Iowa. Her work is published or forthcoming in Nurture: A Literary JournalGhost City ReviewUnlost Journal, and The Indianapolis Review