It’s Closing Time (Koty Neelis)

we’re going to Dry Creek tonight

we’re gonna two step and drink beers 

on the deck in the moonlight

tell Kendra

tell Kevin

tell Javad

tell everyone to get their asses over there

time is running out

time is running out

they got 3 dollar beers and a jukebox that plays 45s

meanest sweetest old bartenders you ever seen

Cactus Lee playing songs off of ‘Texas Music Forever’

and you know better than anyone

they don’t make nights like this anymore


Koty Neelis is a writer and poet living in Texas. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @kotyneelis.

Favorite drink: Modelo and a shot of tequila

1 can of Modelo 

2 parts big Texas sky

3 parts Waylon Jennings on the jukebox

1 shot whatever tequila you can find


image: MM Kaufman