Re: Application: Hot Gals Summer Rep (Inez Santiago)

Dear Inez,

Thank you for your application as a Hot Gals Summer representative. However, we are sad to say you did not meet the qualifications. But because you asked for feedback on your application our editors have included some comments.

A Look in the Closet: Your wardrobe choices were cute but not Hot Gals Summer cute. Should you apply again, why not try for bold colors? A little yellow never hurt anyone, right? Polka dots are always a good look. Also what the hell was with all the beige? Get adventurous for once, like damn.

Glance in the Mirror: You look rather downcast. Not enough brightness to the face. I’m sure your mom told you that a lot. Not what we are looking for with Hot Gals Summer. Hot Gals Summer is looking for curves and angles and bright smiles. You should try it sometime. We have links on our page for fitness we think you could check out.

Get Your Hopes Up: You had a great swimsuit choice in my opinion, but the rest of your look is really soft and shy. I would totally nominate you for Sad Girl Fall. You should try that in the upcoming cycle.

Just Kidding: Your glassy eyes, curved posture, and frizzy hair are perfect for it. (Here is the link for the application: ucking_ugly_for_that_too/submit?)

Hot Gals Summer Team
Partners of Insecurity and WorthTM

Ps. Seriously, what the fuck were you thinking bitch?


Inez Santiago is a young Mexican writer and educator from Southern California. She likes creepy and sad things. They make her happy. Find her on Twitter @InezSantiagoFic.


image: “Garage”: Jessica Dawn is a sometimes photographer, sometimes writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find her on Twitter @JuskaJames.