Tanner Tells Tony (Tanner Armatis)

i did it Tony

i did whatcha told me

garrett stood in the middle of the field

he mocked me

ran his fingers across his neck 

colt and al laughed

behind him

tyler was on the playground

afraid hed get his ass kicked

andrea and paige were there

courtney too

all these people Tony

they all wanted to know

because mrs. elhanan went 

to the bathroom and he saw

he saw Tony

garrett screamed then

called me out

said youre a coward 

how i wouldnt do it

i was small

i would never touch him

he was still talkin

when i did it

i ran

so fast

threw my knee at his gut

but thats when he got me 

grabbed me

thats when i lost it Tony

before he bashed my face

and i ended up with you

in the nurses office

with mom on the way

i saw courtney 

she was watching


all cause i blundered it

i tried Tony 

i did but 

i shoulda known


an underdog. 


Tanner Armatis (he/him) has been published by No Contact, the Daily Drunk, CP Quarterly, the Royal Rose, and elsewhere. He was a reader at the North American Review. You can find more about him on his website tannerarmatis.com or on Twitter @ok__tanner. 


image: MM Kaufman