Danny totally blew it (Sheldon Birnie)

Danny’s uncle 

sent him up the road 

to get a bag of limes 

from the store. 

Danny’s uncle

was watching Danny

for the afternoon, while 

Danny’s mom went to the city. 

Danny’s uncle’s 

buddies stopped by with a case 

of cold ones. 

So Danny’s headed 

up the road, fetching limes. 

His uncle sent him with

a little extra cash.

Pick a little something

up for yourself, he’d said.

His buddies chuckled, eager

For the boy to leave.

Heck yeah, Danny said.

But the whole walk to

the store Danny wished 

he’d said, Hell yeah!



Sheldon Birnie is a writer, reporter, and beer league hockey player from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Find him online @badguybirnie.


image: MM Kaufman