Two Poems (Adrian Sanders)

The Snack Cakes are in the Freezer

and so is the new loaf of bread

The garden is in the freezer 

and so, the worms come, too

I put the eviction notice in the freezer

next to the eggs and, for when they don’t hatch, 

the ice cream and a spoon

I let the urn burn with freeze

Every morning I grab 

a handful of grass slick with dew and November’s 

seven am from the ice box

carry it around 

hold it to my cheek when I am homesick

We move our bed to the freezer

in the morning we are stiff but still shivering—

our bodies beg us to stay alive this way

We remember our childhoods: 

popsicle sweat and late-May pools

We remember standing

in front of the living-room window’s a/c unit

shielding us from a thick July

We remember

everything that is cold 

is refreshing 

I’ll Scoop Out Your Eyeballs

for GJR

On the deep-blue days

the slow days

the days wrapped 

in unwashed sheets

I love you

My hands are river basins

with water that runs 

dark and deep 

up from the bend 

of my wrist and around 

my thumb 

its banks are tender

green irises bloom in pairs

wilted, heavy-lidded at first opening

On the days you can’t even spread your fingers

I’ll untangle your lashes awake

scoop out your eyeballs

rinse off the silt and salt

shelter them from the too-bright sun

in a gentle shadow and they’ll float 

with a current that takes its time 

you know how they say there must be something in the water 

there is something here and only here 

in the scoop of these palms 

in the iris root-thread that stitch these hands sturdy 

and in the holes left behind from the needle

there is a dark worth leaping into

a dark with hands waiting for you


Adrian Sanders is a poet & mail-slinger living in Elizabethtown, KY. Her work has appeared in Juke Joint, Jelly Bucket, Lammergeier, GASHER, Indiana Review Online, and others. You can find her watching movies with her partner and chasing around a toddler with Bob Dylan hair. 


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