At the College Party (Matthew Feinstein)

Girls crammed

between small

walls & fogged

windows tilt

their heads

to the ceiling

thinking hallelujah

with a handle

of Skyy vodka

pressed tight

to their mouths

& in the next

room over a girl

is convulsing

on the floor

& people are

stepping over

her like she isn’t

there & as more

people come

the DJ turns

the volume up

while her mouth

foams like a beer

no one cares

to stomach


Matthew Feinstein is a neurodivergent poet from Tracy, California. He is currently pursuing an MFA at Randolph College. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in HAD, Heavy Feather Review, Drunk Monkeys, Rejection Letters, and elsewhere. He is the founding editor of Plum Recruit.


image: MM Kaufman