space colonization scares me (Raina K. Puels)

elon musk scares me

is it really better to shop at walmart over amazon?

instant gratification gratifies instantly

like spontaneous combustion 

like an instant pot

& how it’s not really instant at all

the pressure just builds

& builds like an orgasm 

or at least my orgasms

ten years after we met on tumblr

i hooked up with my internet crush

& she could basically cum 

if you blew on her the right way

which is to say 

any way & anyway

my cat instantly adopted my instant pot box

marked it with hair & drool

she loved it for a month

now she only sleeps in the bathtub

with the curtain closed

i wouldn’t swaddle myself in darkness

even if it meant exploring a new frontier 


Raina K. Puels is a queer/poly Boston-based writer, educator, and kinkster. She holds an MFA from Emerson College and reads poems for Split Lip Mag. You can find her writing published or forthcoming in The RumpusPANKDream Pop, and many other places listed on her website: Follow her on Twitter: @rainakpuels.


image: MM Kaufman