Reason’s Language (Ilari Pass)

I want to leave my metaphors, my wounds. 

Enough of lamentations, open the window 

let the abstract sing. My eyes close in trust

falling in love would be a nice scene 

in this movie, let it play into my memory

play for me the real twilight.


Ilari Pass holds a BA in English from Guilford College of Greensboro, NC, and an MA in English, with a concentration in literature, from Gardner-Webb University of Boiling Springs, NC. She currently is poetry consultant for Free State Review, and serve as a Representative Reader for the African American culture for North Carolina Writers’ Network. You can find her Greatest Hits in The American Journal of Poetry, Rat’s Ass Review, As It Ought To Be, Sledgehammer Lit, Paterson Literary Review, and others.


image: MM Kaufman