self-deprecation (Chana G. Miller)

I write a little thing:

I read it.

It is garbage. Filth.

I sell myself to the publishers:

“This piece really portrays the way I see myself.”

Publisher: this is terrible.

Me: looks at camera* “I know.”


Chana G. Miller grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, but now lives in Ireland. While she dabbles with poetry and short stories, she predominantly aspires to be a novelist. Her work, which explores topics such as identity crises and trying to be a better human, can be found in ‘Ropes Literary Journal’ (2019), and the 18th issue of ‘Into the Void’ (February 2021). She is a soon-to-be graduate of NUI Galway with a Bachelor of Arts with Creative Writing, and is working on her debut novel.