2 poems (Jon berger)

If I had a mech suit

I’d pilot it wearing flipflops and athleisure

Our reptilian overlords wouldn’t stand a chance

I’ll destroy goblin hordes in ancient tunnels underground

If I had a mech suit I’d steal ramen noodles and uncle ben’s rice from the dollar store. On my way out I’d punch a hole in the bullet proof glass so the cashier can breathe fresh air

If I had a mech suit I’d ask the girl I like out on a date.

I’d have a booming megaphone voice when I talk through my mech suit

The girl I like has big green eyes

Mine are dark and beady

She has a southern accent

I speak a rare northern accent people make fun of

If she says yes, I’ll pick her up and fly to a desert

to live in one of those old aluminum trailers

if she says no, I’ll fly to the desert

to live in one of those old aluminum trailers

I don’t believe in anything

god wants to turn us to dust

a dreamer out for blood

if I had a mech suit

I’d have a way out

I’d fly to outer space

dive into a blackhole

get torn to sharp metal pieces

everyone will think I’m a meteor shower

you can wave at me

I’ll rain down


Ancient Behemoth

I walk to the courthouse and back on my lunchbreak

If I stay at my desk

I’ll explode

mushroom cloud style

today I walked past a dead squirrel

eyes open

blood on mouth

I am left behind by the squirrel

I stop to feel nothingness in the cold

I walk past the auto repair shop

my dead friend’s graffiti was on the auto shop building

but got painted over

I think about how I’m left behind

like super mutant

to survive

for no reason

my friend got shot and killed

for no reason

I am super mutant

I feel super mutant feels

I believe in my super mutant brain that

one day I’ll walk to the courthouse on my lunchbreak

after the world has ended and society has collapsed

and I won’t know the difference

my entire life will be one long lunchbreak

I’ll go inside the court house

spray paint my dead friend’s graffiti everywhere

sit where the judge sits

nobody can stop me

from lumbering around

this wasteland

puny humans

only one of us survives

it won’t be you


Jon Berger lives in Saginaw, MI. His work is forthcoming at Expat and Cobra Milk. He tweets @bergerbomb44.


image: Peter Gutierrez