Brief 3rd Person Bio (Kelle Schillaci Clarke)

Award-winning author, memoirist and cultural critic Amanda Elizabeth Swanson has an MFA from —– and is currently pursuing her Creative Writing PhD from ——-. She was a recipient of the prestigious ——- fellowship, a runner-up in ——- Review’s —— ——-Memorial contest, and has recently been signed by —– Literary Agency. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming at ——-, ———, ——-, ———, ——-, ———, ——-, ——-, ——-, ——-, and other respected journals. She is the author of ———–, a memoir-in-flash, and is currently working on an experimental/hybrid novel about ———-. When she’s not writing from her unofficially designated table at her favorite independent coffee shop, Amanda can be found donating time at her local ———. She is not on social media.

Mandy-Beth Swanson lives with her husband and two children—one boy and one girl—in a small, former steel mill town along the verdant banks of the Monongahela River, where she is greeted on her spring morning runs by playful otters and the collective hum of bumble bees. When she’s not busy simply enjoying life’s offerings, she’s scribbling silly words into the cheerful journals she’s received from friends, filled with water-colored inspirational quotes. She can be found on Twitter @mommywritessomuch.

Pittsburgh-suburb-adjacent-based Amanda Swanson enjoys iced almond milk lattes and singing commercial jingles from her childhood to her Weimaraner, Jimmy. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese. So KISS a little longer, hold TIGHT a little longer, feel FRESH a little longer, longer with BIG RED!

Ms. S once taught a bunch of fourth graders how to write haiku as part of a literacy program offered by the library where she worked as a shelf-stocker for 12 years, but she was swiftly fired for using profanity and inappropriate content and hasn’t worked since.

Amanda Swanson spends her Friday nights by the river drinking Bailey’s Irish Cream from the travel mug she once bought from a literary journal, along with a sticker and four of their archive issues, standing awkwardly at their conference table, hoping to gain favor with their editors, a couple teenagers in cut-off shirts talking about how triggering that last guy was, like WHAT THE FUCK, that will be 32 dollars please?

Amanda Swanson lives in constant fear of bacteria, pretentious assholes, the silicon packets in her beloved imported Japanese shrimp snacks, all dogs but mostly the “Yo quiero Taco Bell” dog from the Taco Bell commercials, bees, otters, and space travel.

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