Tide (Tom Will)

A girl has pierced eyelashes the piercings are very small and look very much like extensions of the lashes because the metal is so dark when woven so lightly

A girl has pierced eyes the metal ring is very small and goes through each pupil like the faint rings of a distant planet

A girl has pierced toes and must wear open toed shoes she is very strong and can be supported from the ceiling by the feet if you run fishing wire through the piercings

She may have more piercings but I just cannot be sure


Tom Will writes poems. He lives in the South. He has appeared in Misery Tourism and Apocalypse Confidential and is forthcoming in New Pop Lit, Door is a Jar, Tragickal, ZVONA i NARI, and Rejection Letters.  For all inquiries, please email him at TomWillWillTom@protonmail.com.


image: Lindsay Hargrave