Hey, Stranger. How’s it going? (Megan Cannella)

If I describe you long enough,

you disappear.

I wonder what you ate after we broke up

If you are making vegetables
in your instapot, you can go straight to hell.

I wonder if you thought of me so much
that I started to get


in you mind’s eye

Have you washed my memory so much
That I am


and pilly

like clothes washed too many times with THAT OTH-er LAUNDRY DETERGENT


I am peeling you off of the lint trap.


Megan Cannella (she/her) is a Midwestern transplant currently living in Nevada. Her debut chapbook, Confrontational Crotch and Other Real Housewives Musings, is out now and available at https://linktr.ee/mcannella. She is an editor at Versification. You can find Megan on Twitter at @megancannella.