I Once Drank Bottomless Rootbeer Floats In A Ruby Tuesday’s Until I Threw Up In The Bathroom Stall (Timmy Sutton)

I smuggle the small joys of the world
mouth full and swearing—I know
I’ve gotten more than I deserve
most of the time—I manage
to mostly hide—The evidence
all around me shouting—I’m so good
I sometimes even forget myself
disguised pitiable—The world
endless and unforgiving—I’m given up
by the goosebumps from glancing at
your hands—proof of everything


Timmy Sutton is a person who writes, loves his friends and family, and also sometimes eats oatmeal with peanut butter for dinner in Springfield, IL. You can find some of his stuff in Taco Bell QuarterlyThe Georgetown Voice, and Bossier. You can find him on twitter @timothy_matthan