Tahina spectabilis (Dan Pounds)

It is tempting to freight the Madagascan suicide palm
with a human narrative
to anthropobloodymorphosise

because it is hapaxanthic:

which means that after approx. 50 years
it flowers & sets seed just once

in one enormous flowering event
before the plant dies…

but I will side-step that poetic compulsion
& ask you to Google Tahina spectabilis

& gaze at its leaves – up to five metres wide

without a thought
for human mortality.


Dan Pounds is an economic/cultural unit manipulated by neoliberal deregulated capitalism & dreams of an eco-socialist planet. He lives in Norwich, Norfolk County, U.K. He has had his texts/images published in The London Magazine, Glove Magazine #7, morphrog21, Overground Underground, Seiren Quarterly, The Morning Star newspaper. “Dreamtracker” will appear in The Babel Tower Notice Board very soon.